Monday 25 April 2011

Easter weekend-1 I admired nature.

We had a very quiet Easter weekend at our summer house.The sun was bright and there was a breeze blowing.
Here are some photos of what I did!
I admired nature.
The water on the rose bush leaves that I watered.
 Trees started blooming.
 Flowers in wonderful colours.
 Spider webs weaved intricately.
 Honey I shrank the kids!
 Bugs' party in a flower.
 Lilliput flowers.
 Bees on wild oregano.
 I think this one was dead.
 More flowers.

 A large grasshopper on the way to sail!
 Blooming flowers.

 A green spider.
 A fly ready to take flight.
 Pink trees behind a field of yellow flowers.
 The lilac tree blooming.


Elettra said...

Very beautiful images that you propose, you have an interesting blog, congratulations!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! It's astounding what we can see when we look carefully!

Marabeth said...

So many beautiful colors! I love the purple flower in the 3rd t.

Marabeth said...

3rd photo that is...........