Wednesday 13 April 2011

Crafting for Courage (2 and 3)

Last week I also received the other two things I had purchased to support the Japanese people from Crafting for Courage and the artists who collaborated there.
First it was a watercolour painting by Jill Wignall of Today I Saw blog.
The watercolour is very beautiful in its detail.It shows a Japanese woman in her traditional kimono hanging lanterns on a blossoming cherry tree.

Then a heavy parcel arrived. It was the missing parts stone that Margie from Resurrection Fern made.
The stone is amazing!It is huge and heavy and so beautiful!
Margie is so sweet and generous,she added some more handmade things in it.A blue and white rose made of cloth and a deer pendant.She wrote her wishes on one of Geninne's cards.
 And put the stone in a felt pouch.
 Her new card made by Arounna is lovely!
 The stone has crocheted pieces,
 crocheted red flowers(these had attracted me in the first place),
 and pieces of vintage linen in between,
 all bound in tiny crochet stitches.
I couldn't believe how heavy it was and all the love Margie put in working on it.I really loved everything!Thank you Margie!
This will be my last blogpost till Monday as I am leaving tomorrow with my family and my school for Istanbul,Turkey.We will be back on Sunday.
I am sure I will take lots and lots of photos to show you!Wish us a good trip!I hope the weather is good as we have a bad weather forecast.


Unknown said...

Have a nice trip, Ariadne!

Dream on the wave said...

Enjoy your trip Ariadne. Have a great time.
The stone is as beautiful on the photograph as in real.
Many greetings, Frieda

Marabeth said...

Very pretty purchases in support of a worthy cause.