Friday 8 April 2011

Poppytalk spring colour week 2011-white!

White is not a colour!It is the lack of colour!Isn't it wonderful that the lack of something can be so beautiful?
The quince tree in my school garden has blossomed!The pink in its flowers is so subtle.I love that caterpillar in it which I hadn't seen as I was having my arms high to photograph the flower and saw it when I uploaded the photo!(The quince is dedicated to my friend Sara of Quince and Quire blog).
 I bought a little green plant from IKEA on Monday to put in that old pot that was waiting for a partner.
There is some white sea glass in the jar next to it.
 And here is some more white sea glass and a candle flower.


Anonymous said...

Black is nothing, white is everything!

Marabeth said...

I recognize the white candle!