Wednesday 27 April 2011

Easter weekend-3 (food and decoration)

Apart from walking the beach and enjoying nature we of course went to church and we had some good food.
I also did some decorating and at last put photos and art prints I had framed on my walls.
Greek salad in the garden.
 Tsoureki ready to be eaten.
 My breakfast,hard boiled Easter egg,tsoureki and coffee.The mug is a vintage Churchill England mug of my dear dad's.
 Our Easter lunch,Greek salad,Easter eggs,barbequed goat ribs and fresh barbequed bread.Oh yes and some retsina.
 A similar dinner on Easter Monday.Various barbequed meats and potatoes of course.
 I added my Turkuazoo Aquarium glass globe to my collection.
 At last I had Margie's of Resurrection Fern photos framed. I had won these on her giveaway a long time ago.

 I also added my dad's in memoriam cross stitch next to Geninne's boat prints.

And in another wall I put a collection of 9 prints of how boats were born. I have had these for many years and I had only four of them framed in one frame but decided to use all of them and cover a wall.

This weekend I finished reading my son's latest literature book.It was Voula Mastori's "Boys' whispers". It was fun reading how a teenager feels his age and the changes in his life.


Unknown said...

Love the prints of how boats were born!

Marabeth said...

Yummy food! You did a perfect job with all your wall arrangements :)

Dream on the wave said...

Very interesting the prints of how boats were born. And all the frames look really nice. Well done.
Have you read Adrian Mole's diary? Another "troubled" teenager but with a very funny twist. I loved the book and still read it sometimes when I feel like a laugh.
Many greetings, Frieda

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Beautiful artwork! It was also nice to see all your Easter feasts!