Thursday 10 March 2011

What the mail brought.

Some of my latest incoming mail.
A beautifully decorated envelope from far away.
From Trinidad and Tobago from my new friend Andrea.
From my new French friend Christine.She made a handmade birthday card for me.
From my dear friend Cathy in England.Isn't this stamp gorgeous?
And  a letter from Norway from a lovely lady asking to be my friend. Oh I really don't know if I should accept more snail mail pen friends. I am always late in answering my letters.
And some pics from Marie Claire Idees which I bought recently.
I was surprised to see Arounna's letterprint shown in it.
I loved this spring flower bookmark.
And birds are always beautiful.


Dream on the wave said...

How nice to get such lovely mail! I only get bills in my mailbox..

Unknown said...

I also bought this Marie-Claire Idées!

Seamaiden said...

Love getting presents in the mail! These are wonderful photos, Ariadne. :)