Monday 21 March 2011

Support Japan!

A group of blog friends have decided to make a sale of their etsy products with the profits going to Japan and its people.
Please have a look at them!
Margie from Resurrection Fern, Sonia from Cozymemories, Jill from Today I saw, Nanou, Joanie of Nini Makes and others are participating in this.Wouldn't it be a great idea to support in such a way?And at the same time purchase some lovely handcrafted items?
I love the dragonfly Margie made for their banner.I love dragonflies and I just found out they symbolise courage,strength and happiness!Exactly what we all need in our lives.
Crafting for Courage


Marabeth said...

Then you would LOVE De De's yard. In the summer, there are thousands (no lie) of dragonflies all over the place. I will have to take a photo for you,

Ariadne said...

Please do take a photo.