Monday 28 March 2011

Our finds.

My first find was blue so I was very optimistic!
Let's take a boat and sail away!
 Let's lie on the sand like a branch!
 Someone came with a truck!
 My foot.Your foot.
 I am tired, he said.
 I am tired,too,I said.Let me sit down for a while.
 I am tied up with this beach.
 A goodbye kiss!


Dream on the wave said...

Both the blue and the last one, the green are very nice! Lucky you. And finally spring is here as well, makes you feel so much better.
Many greetings, Frieda

Ariadne said...

@Dream on the wave
Thanks!They do look better as found in nature right?And bigger!

Lisa said...

Beautiful colors. I have not been to the beach too much, very cold here.

Unknown said...

Beautiful blue piece!

cathystitcher said...

I love how the fooprints come out in reverse relief on the computer screen, as if you pressed down the sand around them and sucked up the pattern of the shoes. I get the same effect when I view heavily quilted textiles on the computer........weird but strangely exciting!

Seamaiden said...

Great photos, Ariadne! You got some nice finds,and enjoyed such a picture perfect day! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :)