Tuesday 22 March 2011

Some photos....

...........of what Thessaloniki (especially my neighbourhood) looks like at the time!
Sunday night.Two weeks that the rubbish trucks have not collected the rubbish.
Two huge bins that do not belong to our block of flats but to the two blocks opposite ours are under my balcony.
 Tuesday night.One day after the open air market. Three bins and lots more rubbish. The rubbish trucks did not collect anything.And the whole neighbourhood leaves their rubbish here,under my balcony.I cannot open the doors.
No there is no strike. Simply the Municipality has not paid the gas for the rubbish trucks so they can't move and collect the rubbish.They say it is the previous mayor's fault for not paying the bills but who suffers as always?
Also the majority of the workers were fired as they were not permanent staff.Till they hire more people we are bound to this?I am depressed.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

I am thinking someone who has a truck could start a business collecting the trash from people's homes and charging a fee. He could make some money and you would have a trash free view. But where would he bring the trash? Maybe to the municipal building or to the previous major's front yard.

I am so sorry to see this. I feel so bad that you are depressed from this. I hope this problem will be solved soon. Please keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Ariadne, I understand now how you feel,it must be awful for you! Hope this gets sorted out fast!

Seamaiden said...

Oh gosh, Ariadne, this is horrific. :( I'm so sorry - I hope this gets resolved soon. What a mess - unbelievable and inexcusable, really. If it comes to this, then people should just bring their garbage to the dump instead of piling in the street, don't you think?

Marabeth said...

I hope they resolve this before the heat of the summer. I was in Naples one year when there was rubbish strewn all over. There was so much build up that it had spread out blocking the streets.