Monday 7 March 2011


Today is Clean Monday or Koulouma in Greek and the custom is to go out into nature, fly a kite and eat appetisers,fasting food and shellfish and start the fasting period of Lent before Easter.
Unfortunately I wasn't feeling very well and it is so cold outside that we decided not to go out.
We had some appetisers at home with the traditional lagana,the bread of the day.We also had octopus,  taramasalad, cabbage and carrot salad and olives.
The lagana bread.
The octopus.
And here are some more photos from yesterday's walk.
A huge kite hanging from the Municipality Hall building.
Black birds on the trees.
Lovely buds.
A handicapped dove proving how beautiful a creature can be even if it is different.
Sour orange tree.
Inside the park over the sea turtles stream.
Rose buds.
Little sparrows trying to get warm.
Green trees.
Lovely red flower bushes.
One of my best and most favourite photos ever.I should find the name of that bush.


Anonymous said...

I think it is from the Chaenomeles family, also known as Japonica...

Seamaiden said...

Beautiful, Ariadne! What a wonderful collection of memories & images - wow, that octopus is something else. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Ariadne! Just found your blog and am enjoying it SO much! The plant is a flowering quince. In California it is one of the first flowers we see in winter.

Ariadne said...

@Sharon I was told it is a japonica!