Saturday 19 March 2011

Am I a coward?

Friday morning.Five o'clock.In my sleep I hear two blunt noises and then smashing glass. I ran to the balcony door and see the back of a young man breaking into a shop opposite my house. I rush and phone the police. I continue watching behind the curtains.After a couple of minutes two young men get out of the shop holding something small.I can't see their faces.It is too far away and rather dark.They walk away.The police arrives a couple of minutes later.A neighbour who had probably called the police as well is talking to the policemen.I go out in the balcony.And then go back inside. I can't sleep.I feel such a coward.
Some years ago in a similar situation I screamed and the thieves left!This time I simply got scared. We have been hearing so much on the news about burglars and thieves who shoot eye witnesses!Yes I admit I got scared. I didn't scream. I didn't help out.
Am I a coward or a sensible person?
Still I feel bad about myself.I was thinking about it all day on Friday.
And all day today I am in bed feeling weak.The weather is bad so it is better to stay inside.We even heard our first thunder today!
Anyway it is impossible to walk in the streets and not feel bad. They are full of rubbish.For some reason rubbish is not collected.I phoned the municipality cleaning office and was told they don't have enough personnel.I read in a blog that the municipality has no money to pay for the gas for the rubbish collecting trucks!I don't like this Thessaloniki.It makes me want to get up,collect some rubbish and go and throw it in front of the municipality hall.But I am not doing it.
Am I a coward or a lawful citizen?
Seeing everyday what is happening in Japan and Libya and other countries I simply get back in considering that what I see in my neighbourhood is minor in front of these people's problems.
But shouldn't we start facing the small problems before we face the big ones?


Anonymous said...

We all have these thoughts. I'm glad that yours ends in self-doubt, and not violent action. Self-doubt is so much more civilised, and what we expect from Greek people.

Laura said...

It's only human to be scared sometimes. Being scared is the body's way of protecting itself. You were in self preservation mode. It's also human to feel guilt and to question what if...?
And noone likes to live amongst rubbish!

Unknown said...

My dear Ariadne,be reassured,you are not a coward! All that you have written in your blog happens everywhere else in Europe,but I will speak of France, as this is where I live! You must not feel guilty for being scared, there is so much violence around us!
You are not well,feeling a bit down,this may be the reason you feel this way!
Sending you lots of positive thoughts,take care,xxx

Lisa said...

You are not a coward. I could not say what I would have done, as I have never been in that situtation. Feel better.

Dream on the wave said...

You are defenitely not a coward. It is a very scary thing to happen to anybody. It is good you called the police. What else could you have done? And I know only too well about the rubbish and the dirt in Thessaloniki and how desperate that must make you feel. It is no surprise you feel down especcially when the weather is bad as well.

It will pass though and you will feel better.
Keep thinking positive thoughts, there are more people concerned like you and changes are possible!

Ariadne said...

Thank you all so very much for your comments and kind positive wishes!I hope I will be better soon.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

First of all my dear Adriane, you are not a coward by any means. You did the right thing by calling the police. No person was in harms way only material goods. There was no reason why you should risk getting harmed to protect goods from a shop!
And as far as the garbage, I would be tempted to deliver some of it to government hall. hehe
You sound like a very kind and good person. I hope you feel better soon. You deserve a sunny day!

Seamaiden said...

Dear friend, you are not a coward. We all have to make countless decisions every day, and thanks to our desensitizing media, most of us either have no survival instincts at all or have suppressed them so deeply we don't hear them, or wouldn't listen to them if we did. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut and you did what your instincts lead you to do. I'm glad you are safe from the danger those burglars could have visited on you. You did the right thing to call the police.
As for the garbage, it's ridiculous for the city not to invest in cleaning this up. At the very least, they could encourage citizens to bring their trash to the dump themselves rather than piling it in the street. What a shame. You can still be a law-abiding citizen and have an effect. There is power in persistence. :)
I'm thinking of you and sending lots of hugs your way...
Are you feeling better yet?

Ariadne said...

@Pesky Cat Designs
and @Seamaiden
Thank you both for your encouragement and kind words.