Saturday 5 March 2011

A glimpse of hope.

We visisted our dear friend in the beautiful town of Kavala to see her while her daughter is still in critical condition in hospital there.Kavala was gloomy and overcast.
 Bright were only the eyes of this cat that followed me around......and our hope and faith that Katerina will soon be well.


Anonymous said...

Ariadne, you bring joy, even when the news is sad.

Ariadne said...

Thank you so much Ian.

ohjoana said...

I remember once, long time ago I had a pen pal from Kavala, I just remembered that when I read that name in your post. I even had postcards from there, it's a shame but someone stole my postcards when I was still living in my school town. It was about three years ago, I have much more than in that time but each postcards is a memory and I don't like to miss any. I guess my pen pal name was Dimitra or something very similar to that (the letter were stolen too, I should ask to some detective to check that story, isn't it weird?).

Love from Portugal,

Unknown said...

Hope your friend gets well soon. Nice pictures even if you were sad!

Ariadne said...

It is a pity you have had your mail and postcards stolen.
It is a small world after all and I am glad I made you remember your pen pal after all this time.