Tuesday 8 March 2011

The two faces of spring.

We were expecting snowfall and schools to be closed but on the contrary it didn't happen. It snowed a bit around the city on the mountains and a lot on the rest of Greece causing a lot of trouble. We had a glorious sunny but freezing day. So here are some photos I took at school today.
The prune tree.
This is my favourite showing the shadows.
Some water around on the grass froze.
The blue skies.
Unfortunately I am down with something. I don't know what it is yet.But I have fever. We will see.


Laura said...

I didn't know that it ever snowed in Greece. And I thought your photos of the frozen grass were pictures of the ground taken from an airplane! I was very surprised when I realized the pictures were taken right under your feet!
I hope you are feeling better soon and that you get some warmer spring weather.

Unknown said...

Get well soon Ariadne! Take care, kisses!

Ariadne said...

Thank you for your wishes. Now that I look at the ice it does look like the Earth from space!Great!It does snow in Greece but just not too often!
Thank you for your wishes.

Seamaiden said...

Oh I love the images, especially the ice shots! Gorgeous!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Hope you are well and did not get sick.

Beautiful photos. I have a friend that lives in Athens and I saw a pic of her car with an inch of snow on it!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)