Tuesday 3 May 2011

What the mail brought during the holidays!-2

More things I received during the holidays and afterwards.
Sea glass crochet jewlery I ordered from Asta Sukiene.Absolutely lovely!
My dear friend Brigitte from France sent me a lovely parcel that included all my favourites chocolate,sea glass,cross stitch kits and a handmade painting by her!
 I loved this alphabet animal paper she wrapped her gifts with.
 My sea glass friend Susan(Seamaiden) sent me sea glass from her area in the States.Great!Thank you so much!

 Another sea glass friend Ann Hritz sent me two Easter eggs made by her.I love this new addition to my collection!
 I also received my orders from Sonia in Cozyhomemaking. A Moleskine notebook customised by her,a lovely pin cushion which I added to my collection and found a beautiful way to show them off.
 Here is my collection of Sonia's pin cushions.
 I put them in the Easter basket my best friend Gia gave me this Easter and put it under my old sampler. I think I love it there!
 Here are the cards I received this Easter from Susan,Ann and Brigitte.
 Today I also received my other order from Sonia that included lovely coasters and lavender strawberries!


Anonymous said...

oh Ariadne, I'm so behind everything these days. Being on vacation (school break) doesn't help. I was away most last week & it's taking me ages to go back to normal. I deeply apologize. I'm so happy for you that you get so much love in the mail & also treat yourself. (I just treat myself with a new brooch this evening, wink wink)
I'll play catch up with all your posts, I promise.
I see you are doing fine, and that's the most important.
Do take care

Seamaiden said...

These are just small tokens from our trip to DHB & some New England pottery - glad you like them! :)

Unknown said...

Happy you like what I sent you! Sorry I didn't post anything about your,will do that, I promise :))
The W is not "wombat"...but "wallaby"!I have been thinking about this since you wrote about it!
Big kisses,xxx

Simple Daisy said...

Wow!!! Love it all!! I love the pottery...so pretty:)

Marabeth said...

I would like to see you model your new crocheted necklaces :)

Margie Oomen said...

those necklaces are WOW!!
your sonia pin cushion collection brought a big SMILE
and the fact that ann is your sea glass friend also made me happy
isn't it amazing how our circles of "friends" intersect

Ariadne said...

@Margie Ooomen
Yes it is a small world after all!