Monday 2 May 2011

What the mail brought during the holidays!-1

A parcel from Brazil from my dear friend Gilson.
 Those stamps are fantastic!
Gilson sent me some shells from his beach!Unfortunately there is no sea glass there but he included some sand too!
 Also a great fridge magnet in the shape of a flip flop.

 Some cards and bookmarks.
 I placed the flip flop and the shells on a card of a fantastic Brazilian view.
 Gilson included a great package of lovely cards with views from Ceara,his province.
 And some stamps.
I also received  Jill's Today I saw card! I am so lucky to be her recipient.


Marabeth said...

You receive such fun gifts! But then again so do I from a very special person :)

Margie Oomen said...

aren't jill's postcards darling

Ariadne said...

I love sending and receiving parcels!But I only blog about what I receive!