Wednesday 11 May 2011

8th International Thessaloniki Book Fair

This lasted from the 5th till the 8th of May;it was in the International Trade Fair grounds and it was with a free entrance.So I went four times. I saw lots of books,listened to talks,met with publishers and authors who signed their books,took part in a children's book presentation activity,bought books that their writers signed and got lots of free books as well. All in all it was an excellent experience.
One of the book stands.
 A beautiful painting on the wall.
 The Turkish kiosk. I talked a bit of Turkish,ate baklava and got lots of free books.
 The poster of the Fair.
 A teacher I know Maria Petkanopoulou wrote this book and her daughter Anna Karni illustrated it.The little painter of the rocks is the story of a young boy who prefers to draw on the cave walls rather than go hunting.

 There was an exhibition of old school books.

 Deniz Kavukcuoglu is a Turkish writer who wrote Komik Seyler Yazmak (Everyday Stories of Istanbul). I bought it translated in Greek and he signed my book.
 Some German poems translated in Greek in a CD  and some cards I got for free from the German kiosk.
 Some of the books I got for free from the Turkish kiosk.
 The children's book presentation I volunteered for along with my Drama Club colleagues.

 More Turkish books.

 The Greek books I got some for free.
 I loved the book about Capali Carsi in Istanbul. It shows the building but also the trades and crafts in it.
 The Drama club with Evgenios Trivizas one of the most famous Greek children's books authors.
 Mon ami Jim by Kitty Crowther which we presented to the children and we played with them.The book deals with racism and illiteracy.
 Another book I got for free from the Turkish kiosk is Pierre Loti 's sketches.
 He traveled around the world because he was in the navy and sketched amazingly detailed scenes. He was also a writer.
Athens by Pierre Lotti.
 Easter Island.



Unknown said...

Very interesting! I love books,too! Love the painting,the big one on the wall,very clourful!
And it seems you brought your photographer along,that's nice,lol!!:)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

wow, what an amazing post about a terrific event !
I would have spent days there too !
so happy for you that you got to have some books for free & meet many authors !