Monday 23 May 2011

Istanbul 4 and last

On our last day we had two destinations.
First Balikli church where we took holy water from the spring with the fish.

Then we went to Tukuazoo Aquarium. Info says it is the biggest in Europe. No it isn't. If you have seen Barcelona's or Boulogne's like I have,it is smaller.Still I love aquariums no matter what their size is. But photography in them is prohibited by the lack of flash and because of the glass. So just  a couple of photos which were better than the majority.

 These strange creatures remind me of alien spacecraft.
 I touched one!Brrrrrrrr!
 There were some big sharks.
 Those golden yellow fish were lovely!
 Those little purple fish were absolutely gorgeous!
 The huge octopus is so sweet.
 We had a short walk into the Mall near Turkuazoo but there was not enough time to see much.
 We bought some cheap T-shirts from the Aquarium shop.
 What we really like from Istanbul are the local sweetshop products.Here are some photos of the sweets we bought for us and as gifts and of course everything is finished by now!
 Baklava,fistikli lokum,kagit halva,pismaniye,akide candies,ahududu liquor,elma tea(apple tea).
 I added this sea globe to my collection in the summer house again from the Aquarium shop.
 A little turquise pottery cat from the new Kutahya collection.

Some wooden colourful spinning tops.
 Some fridge magnets.
 Three little Kutahya bowls.
 The globe in the summer house.
I hope you enjoyed all four reports from my trip to Istanbul.

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Unknown said...

We enjoyed your photos, and you seem to have enjoyed your trip.