Sunday 22 May 2011

The Dutch souvenirs and other things to treasure.

My son went to Germany,Belgium and the Netherlands for Easter with his dad and his family.He liked Amsterdam and here are the souvenirs he brought for me. I especially liked the porcelain windmill.
Following the previous post,here are the two lamp glasses I collected from the curb. I washed them and am thinking of how to use them. Hubbie had the idea that they might be old and might be of vaseline glass so I took them into the bathroom in the darkness under ultra violet light and the result is magnificent!I love it!The light green one is probably really old and shines into the darkness.

 Yesterday evening just before sunset we had a cold drink at a sea front cafe!It was accompanied by sweets compliment of the cafe and the waitress was really sweet!I love her shadow in the sunset light!

 And finally I have a new cellphone. I had my previous one for many years I think about five. I wanted something reasonably priced,easy to use,preferably in a girly colour and of course NOKIA. So I got this 2220slide. It is really great and it was one of the cheapest in the market 49 euros!The colour is BEAUTIFUL!


Unknown said...

The 2 lamp glasses are really nice!

Dream on the wave said...

I lost my cell phone about a week ago and have to buy a new one as well. I like yours a lot, I wonder if I will be able to keep the same number.