Tuesday 24 May 2011

I am grateful for the beauty around me.

Ever since I was given my camera a year ago by hubbie I take pictures every day trying to photograph the small beautiful moments in my life for which I am grateful.
Here are a couple of photos of beauty I have seen around me this week.
First a passionflower my brother gave me in a pot that has been blooming one flower almost every day.I love spotting a new flower every day.
I see my son's beautiful eyes every day!I love his clear almost innocent look!

 I enjoyed the beauty of this book. Imaret by John Kalpouzos. A lovely book hubbie was given as a gift by our friend Gia and I enjoyed reading it only in a couple of weeks. A great book about the town of Arta during and after the Turkish invasion.Refugees are victims no matter which nation they belong to. A book Greeks and Turks should both read.
 I spotted a dove that came to my balcony for a while to admire my son's blooming petunias,a Mother's Day gift.
 I enjoyed the beauty in one more issue of Marie Claire Idees with lovely crafts.

I was so beautifully surprised by an expected parcel but with unexpected contents. I had asked a sea glass friend Karen D to collect some sea glass for me from Glass Beach,Fort Bragg,California when she was visiting there.
Karen sent me a big parcel containing lots of lovely gifts,the type I really love!Sea glass from Glass Beach,a cross stitched piece of sea birds stitched by herself, a cross stitch booklet with the theme of shells(guess what I will be stitching this summer!),sea themed stamps,a summery card and great sea glass from the.....Marshall Islands where she had lived!I know you will ask me where the Marshall Islands are!Well I too had to look them up!Thank you dear Karen.


Unknown said...

I like the cross-stitched birds!
And I have finally managed to send you my comment,don't know what was wrong!

Carol R said...

Nice blog with lovely pictures!