Tuesday 31 May 2011

Weekend nature photos!

Apart from meeting with John and Juliana the weekend was filled with admiring nature around me and collecting sea glass on my beach!
Anyone know what plant this is?

 The whole beach was filled on a line with this thing. I wonder what it is and how it came there.Hubbie says it is coffee beans.

 I was very lucky with the sea glass this weekend.
But what is this?

 Neighbour's plants.

 First time blue milk glass.

 Not well cooked still almost red!
 Is it maybe....
 ....a stopper?
 Three angles of the same piece!

 Fooled ya!

 If I had seen Sonia's blogpost earlier I would have collected these pods. But I will next time.

 Yes my best time,frappe(cold quick coffee-a Greek invention) and a good book and a view of the sea. For those who love the English classics Anne Bronte's The tenant of Wildfell Hall is excellent.
 The figs on the fig tree are small and hard. It is going to be a good summer!

 My cross stitch corner in the summer house.

 Sorry guys I did not want to interrupt.

 Oooops we need something to be done here.
 Snails on rusty iron fence.


 and a visit by a beautiful princess.
 Ooops sorry I took you with me!

 A neighbour's vase!Beautiful simplicity.
 Those came home in town with me!


devonseaglass said...

Lovely photos and some really good glass. The blue flower could be scabious butterfly blue, or another of the scabious family.

Unknown said...

Again,wonderful photos!! And some beautiful sea-glass!I don't know the flower, but it looks nice...

Marabeth said...

I believe the first photo is wild clover. I have scabious butterfly blue in my garden and their leaves are more thin and spiky. Check images of the 2 on google.
Love is in the air for insects, I guess!
Your close ups of the flowers are exquisite, Ariadne!!!!

Marabeth said...

PS..........you had some great sea glass finds on that day. I think the white piece with ridges is a portion of a bottle lip/top but I don't know from what item.

Ariadne said...

I have looked up both wild clover and scabious. I can't really tell which is which or if mine is any of the two.Probably there are too many types.
Thanks for the great comments.
Yes I found great sea glass on my beach that weekend.

Bianca Jagoe said...

Beautiful pictures lady :) You captured so many lovely little things.

Dream on the wave said...

Kalo mina Aridane! These photos were beautiful. I enjoyed them all. You have such a good eye. And very lucky with the seaglass too.
Many greetings, Frieda

Seamaiden said...

Yay!!! I can post again - thank you so much for switching the comment format. :) I love this post! The images are beautiful, and your combinations of seaglass photos and flower/insect photos are just inspiring and filled with your zest for life. :) Love it!

Ariadne said...

@Bianca great to see you here!
@Frieda Kalo mina ,thanks for the comment.Don't work too much!
@seamaidenI am glad you can now manage to comment again!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

oh my goodness, so many amazing & gorgeous photos in a single post !! I can't believe you can find so many sea glasses on your beaches ... it's oh so hard over here ... otherwise I would have sent you tons already !