Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Biennale 4

While waiting for certain things to happen of which I will talk later in  a blog post this week, I took a bit of time away and visited this Biennale 4 of Contemporary Art in my city.It is taking place at Yeni Cami, the old New Mosque in my neighbourhood. It was surprisingly pleasant especially the video installation by Rosana Palazyan from Brazil which showed the story of her Armenian ancestors in embroidery.It was touching.I tried to find more info about her and probably a way to contact her but was unable to. Unfortunately there was no way to take a picture.
I was also impressed by this installation by Gal Weinstein from Israel.It is named Fire Tire and is made out of rubber and cotton.

 And there is a photo exhibition too and more video installations. All that in the impressive New Mosque till January the 31st.You can also see other Biennale exhibitions all over the city in other veues. I hope I will see some more soon.

Hubby and I also visited a book exhibition outside the grounds of the International Trade Fair but once again we were disappointed. Although there are thousands of books most are outdated, boring and not the type of books we read.

Here are a couple of photos from the walk at the park we did with the school last week.

 Finally a couple of photos from last week's sky that again caused controversy about what we are being sprayed with!


butterfly said...

Always some wonderful photos thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

we went to the book exhibition too... the same books everytime... good prices but not so interesting books. i bought an old one for pastry making.
lovely fotos from your walk :)
and from biennale!

Ζήνα said...

lucky you! great pictures!!!

Valma said...

wonderful pictures here usual =)
this mosque is amazing !!

Jennifer Steen Booher said...

The Biennale looks amazing