Thursday, 21 November 2013

Two book presentations and a performance.

I guess you might be tired to read all about the same type of performances and things I do with the Teachers' Association Drama Club but that takes a very big part of my life so I have to show you.
It was last week we attended an evening of a book presentation.
Members of our team (not hubby and I) presented Agis o Mathimagos (Agis the Maths Wizard). It is the story of a little boy who was afraid of Maths! Oh well, I was always afraid of Maths too. The book is by the talented Helena Artzanidou who is also a kindergarten teacher and it was presented at Ianos Bookshop.
The presentation included prose, games and puppets.
 We then all went together at Cafe Palermo. Coffee was good but the atmosphere of this cafe was maginificent! It was filled with antiques and glassware. I was of course mostly attracted to the latter.
And there among other items I spotted a piece I also have, a jar for spoon sweets. The spoon sweet was put in the jar with the lid and the spoons in the one next to it. I have exactly the same pattern as the jar with the lid.
 But look at this collection!

 There was also a collection by a pottery painter but unfortunately I don't remember his name.

 And my favourite piece....

Hubby of course took much better pictures!

 And last but not least my favourite of his photos, a lamp on top of one of the dressers.
Our team (again not hubby and I ) are also presenting this Friday at 7.30 at Protoporia Bookstore the book Zahara . I had blogged about the previous presentation of that book  here. Those of my local friends who missed that presentation might want to attend this time.
Last but not least this Sunday our team (me included) will present our children's play Koutornithia at Thermi Cultural Centre for the Kinoniko Iatreio (A free clinic for people in need, unemployed and uninsured). You can attend the performance for free and you can also bring medicine to give to the clinic to cover their needs. We will be happy to see you there!

It will be another long weekend and I haven't even yet blogged about the previous one!!!!!!


Brigitte Lepoix said...

The glassware is beautiful!

butterfly said...

Beautiful glass wear. Have fun.