Thursday 28 November 2013

Having fun with Picmonkey

Sometimes I might sound as if I have discovered America but I am rather slow in discovering things especially computerwise.
Anyway a friend I recently met through Etsy Greek Street team introduced me to picmonkey.Thanks Christina. You can find her beautiful nail art and jewelry here.
So picmonkey is a free photo editing website where you can edit your photos.You can add all kinds of beautiful details on them, crop them, make them more beautiful, write on them and finally save them. And all that for free.
Having no photoshop, I found picmonkey really very user friendly and fun!
Here is a photo of me adjusted in various ways by picmonkey.
And here are some I made with my felted stones.

You can compare the first photo with the one in yesterday's post here. Bytheway no one has yet found the destination of my Christmas trip. It is hidden in yesterday's photos of Philoxenia. The winner will get a treat!


Mii Stitch said...

I always use Picmonkey :) Your pictures are fabulous!!

Unknown said...

Would your Xmas trip be Turkey by any chance??

Anonymous said...

i have tried to use picmonkey but it wasn't working in my computer's environment... looks interesting!

hm... maybe your trip will be to peloponisos?

Kaisievic said...

Great photos - picmonkey is really great, isn't it?

zina said...


AppleApricot Wen said...

Picmonkey is great, I use it a lot. Do you know Pixlr? That's another great and free photo editing program. I often combine the two programs.
Your sea glass creations are gorgeous, especially the first one, love it!
And about the trip, my guess is Peloponnese? Wherever you're going, enjoy the trip!! Hugs

Annuk said...

Welcome to Picmonkey, Ariadne! I use it all the time and I love it! Sometimes (like Wendy) I combine it with Pixlr, especially with their frames (they have many more than Picmonkey).