Monday 21 October 2013

This week.......

It was one more tiring week but we really had fun!
First on Wednesday we went to see the Re-Art, Recycle Project exhibition at the Goethe institute.It was an art exhibition of creating from trash!


 I loved all those shutters!Many a time I found old shutters in the street and would love to take them but there is no more space at home and hubby really finds them unacceptable!
 This is made with used frying oil.

 Then on Thursday the Teachers' Drama Club presented the new poetry book of Christos Dikbasanis at the grounds of "Philologos"!  It was a cosy interesting presentation and we had fun all together afterwards at a nearby restaurant!
Here at our home at the rehearsal!

 The poet reading his poetry!

We had two "Griothesia" performances this weekend, one on Friday and one on Saturday! They were both with full audience, with old and new friends enjoying themselves!
On Sunday I went to the "I made it" bazaar at Rover Bar at Ladadika near the city centre.. It was nice!In a small space lots of creative people gathered to present their handmade creations!
Ladadika is very beautiful with old buildings that once were warehouses!
 Now most are bars and restaurants!
 I bought a lavender olive oil soap from this sweet lady Lena! A smile is always the best policy to gain a new client!You can find her shop Lale on facebook.

 And I bought some fused glass Christmas ornaments from Karolos of Vitrorama. You can find his creations and more here.

It was a good week!


butterfly said...

More lovely photos thank you.

zina said...

I am really jealous!!! great week! more to come :)

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

beautiful work throughout

Annuk said...

You've had a very interesting week, Ariadne! I loved the fused glass creations by Karolos :)