Saturday, 19 October 2013


Don't shout!I know, it is October!So?
I am still looking back at photos and things I had started preparing to write in my blog back then but never managed to!It has to do with the fact that I don't blog much in summer!
Anyway at some point back in May there was the Internation Book Fair in my city!
Of course I went!
There were lots of interesting things to do and see.
The State Conservatory presented music for the children.
The State Theatre had a beautiful kiosk too.
The people at the Turkish kiosk were amazing again!
 And they treated me to this fantastic book and sweets.
 The honoured country was Great Britain but unfortunately I did not find anything interesting to attend.
I bought Barca the book about our favourite team which I read in summer!
That evening hubby and I met with some of his old students who are still in their twenties.
The meeting was at Proto Patoma a cafe in the city centre. I know the photo is not good but don't you love those fantastic vintage paintings that the walls are covered with?
Speaking of Proto Patoma Cafe and books I was just reminded that our Teachers' Drama Club is presenting the book of fellow teacher Martha Patlakoutza, Zahara at Proto Patoma, Tsimiski 97,on Thursday 24th October at 7 in the evening!It might interest my local friends!
Look at the author's facebook page here.

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