Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sea glass in September!

Looking back at all the photos I took in September I just saw all of this summer's sea glass collection again. So here they are.
I took pictures of the best pieces I collected this summer!
Jar 1
 A plastic pink ball
 A tiny fluorescent yellow.
 The marble!And blues!
 Ring and metal parts.

 Reds?????The round one is plastic!



 And jar 2 added.

 Browns and yellow greens!

 Beautiful stones!
 And buttons and beads!

 Two red plastic circles!
 And coins!

 And tiles!

 And porcelain!
 And pieces of round marble!
 And an amazing round piece of well smoothed pottery!
 I miss sea glassing and summer already!


Carolyn Darragh said...

They are absolutely stunning and I have to say i adore the blues the most. So rich and that colour reminds me of Greece too.

butterfly said...

So beautiful I love the pink sorry, I did not get back to you I have not been well getting there I hope ! it's one step forward and three back, at the moment, hugs.

Annuk said...

Amazing finds!!!!!

Valma said...

ho my !
real treasures
you really make me wanting to go to the seaside and find treasures too =)
can't wait to see the lovely pieces you'll make with all this

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

these are such beautiful finds!

there is something so alluring about walking on the beach and picking out these treasures.