Wednesday 16 October 2013

Jewelry course 2

I can't believe I had forgotten to post the second part of my Jewelry course update. So here it is with great delay!
The jewlery course continued but I stopped going in May and June as I had so many things to do. Rehearsals and other things interfered. At some point they had to change the day of the lesson for certain reasons and I was unable to attend again. 
Anyway here is what else I learnt to make!
And there are some items I haven't taken photos of because I didn't finish them like liquid glass earrings.
Anyway, thanks to Irene our teacher I learnt lots of new techniques!And I came to realise that I am not really a jewelry person or maker!
Whoever is interested from my local followers "Pyle", at Pylaia is doing another jewelry course with Irene again this year!

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Valma said...

very beautiful
you have more than one string to you bow sweetie =)