Sunday 6 October 2013

10 questions for me- 10 questions for you

Recently Bernadett from Petite Armoire passed these questions to me.
So here are the questions she sked me.
1.Which is you favorite blog/blogs?
2.How many hours do you sit in front of the computer every day?
3.What is your favorite season?
5.What do you prefer seaside,mountains or countryside?
6.Which is you favorite film?
7.Who is your favorite actor/actress?
8.When do you create/stitch ?
9.Who is your favorite designer/creator?
10.What makes you very happy?

Here are my answers.
1. My favourite blog is the first blog that I started following and the one that inspired me so much to take pictures of nature and spot beauty in the minute things in nature and it is Resurrection Fern.Thank you Margie!
2.Many!It depends on what I have to do, but since I do my school work, etsy shop. blog, e-mails, blog reading and facebook then I would stay about three hours a day.
3. Summer... school, sea,sea glassing, reading books!
5. Sea side!I am partial!
6. You've got mail! I have seen it dozens of times!Too romantic!
7. Tom Hanks!He can play any role!
8. In the mornings when I have no school, in the evenings when I have school!
9. Margie of Resurrection fern with her stones, Lisa of Lilfish studios with her stones and Paula Valentim of Otchipotchi with her stones! Now you know why I make stones!
10. When my family is well and things go smoothly and in a routine!

Now I guess I have to ask ten questions.
So here they are.I used some of Bernadett's. Hope she doesn't mind!

1.Which is you favourite blog/blogs?
2.How many hours do you sit in front of the computer every day?
3.What is your favourite season and why?
4.If you didn't have the job you already have what would you like to be/do?
5.What do you like doing in your free time?
6.Which is you favourite book?
7.Which is your favourite film?
8.When do you create/stitch ?
9.Who is your favourite designer/creator?
10.What makes you very happy?

And here are 10 bloggers I am asking to join in!This is not obligatory, take your time and feel free to answer whenever you can.

Ingrid of Miistitch
Chiara of the Grey tail
Joannie of Nini makes
Evdokia of have a ko(o)kie
Elisa of Peskycatdesigns
Annuk of Annuk Creations
Barbara of Sparrow Avenue


Annuk said...

I loved reading your answers! And thank you for passing them on to me! :)
Wishing you a lovely new week! Filakia!

Anastasia said...

was great to read your answers Ariadne! I might try this during the week - thanks for tagging me!

Anonymous said...

thank you ariadne for icluding me too :)

Anastasia said...

thanks Ariadne - i did my post here if you want to see