Saturday, 2 March 2013

What the mail brought... December!
Of course December mail was Christmas mail and maybe it is too late to show it but I want all my friends to know that I really appreciated all the things I received, wishes, letters, Christmas cards and presents. I have answered by e-mail to say that I received the parcels but I still owe letters, I know!And there are some people I never sent a Christmas card even but this year I really tried to send as less as possible as postage has gone so high that at times it isn't affordable.
So here are...
Gaby's card and gift from Scotland.Doesn't the Scottish flag look like the Greek one?My school keys are on this now.
 Johanna's Christmas card from Finland,
 Juliana's parcel from Scotland(I have worn this scarf so much this winter J&J)

And there are some great but very difficult patterns in this!
 J&J you sent so much thank you!
  I loved those dishes that you can see in the dark under UV light and filled with beach finds from Kos island.
 Juliana's Xmas card.
Juliana made lovely sea glass ornaments and I use this keyring for my home keys every day.

 Tua's card and driftwood reindeer from Finland,
 Christine's card from France,
 Ruth's card and vintage cross stitch book from Israel. (the book has lovely simple designs. I will use some when I start stitching again when Barca allows it!)
and a parcel from dear Marabeth.
which included this amazing vintage thrift store find. A cross stitch piece that shows the landmark of my city the White Tower and the Greek and American flag. This was probably stitched as a commemorative piece from a Greek lady and given as a gift or kept till not wanted any more. I am so glad Marabeth has an eye for great cross stitch pieces and she got me this!Thanks Marabeth!

 And this lovely cross stitched bag for my sea glass walks.
 Also another find of Marabeth's, a crochet bell for my tree. This year my tree was all cross stitch and crochet ornaments.
 And this lovely heart brooch.
 Cathy's card and letter.
 I loved those stamps.

 Kim's card and calendar.

 Andria's card, calendar and sea glass ornament.You can find similar ornaments and lovely jewelry at Andriasserendipity etsy shop.
 Brigitte's gifts and card. Go to objectifseychelles  if you want to organise yout holidays to the beautiful Seychelles.
 Again thank you all for thinking so warmly of me!


Unknown said...

They are all nice prezzies! You have enough cross-stitch books for a life-time, lol!

butterfly said...

Lovely goodies from your friends, hugs