Monday, 18 March 2013

Carnival is over

The only participation of mine at Carnival this year was at school where on Tsiknopempti we had a short celebration with traditional dances and some English songs too.
Head and Shoulders...and Hockey Pockey....
 For teachers too.
Today a long weekend is over.
On Saturday we walked Barca at the sea front. The weather was very cold and windy but sunny.

She can run free there and play with other dogs. So far she has played very well and bigger dogs respect her.
Sunday the weather kept sunny although very cold but we decided we should go to the beach house after so many months.
We enjoyed the last meat of the time as Lent begins on Clean Monday.
 Barca had her first time at the beach and she looooved it.
 I collected some beautiful sea glass but very little.

 And Barca helped. See that lovely bag Marabeth sent me to collect sea glass in?

 And I found that plant or sponge whatever it is.

 Flowers were blooming.

 But it seems the cold destroyed them on our trees.

 Today was different, very cold and rainy.
The open market in my street had very few vendors. Isn't it great to have the florist opposite your balcony?
The Queen of Sheba, aka Barca, was waiting patiently for her walk.

 We took our coffee and snack, lagana bread and halva, which are traditional for the day and went to picnic at the sea front.
We watched the kites fly or try to.

And of course Barca played with friends.


devonseaglass said...

Barca the glass queen!

Emma/Itzy said...

Looks like you have had a lovely few days :)

prpltrtl946 said...

Barca is getting more and more beautiful with each day that passes!! 8*)

Lisa said...

Very nice sea glass finds. She is growing and so cute.

butterfly said...

Always love your post amazing photos and I love your sweet dog, hugs.