Sunday 31 March 2013

Antique market

March is leaving us and tomorrow the 1st of April will be here.
I hope the weather will at last change to something more spring like.
We went one hour forward today which means an hour less sleep.And it is cold and rainy like it is in winter.
We managed to visit the Antique open market at the YMCA grounds today though.
The municipality did not allow the antique market to continue exhibiting once a month in our nearby park which we loved. So they moved to something less nature friendly, the grounds of the YMCA track field. Still there were lots of vendors but this time I bought almost nothing.There were things which were cheap but what I liked was expensive so no I didn't buy any glass things. Just a scarf.
So here are photos from the antique market.
Isn't that yellow lamp gorgeous?

 And this blue and yellow vase?
 Some records are so beautiful.
 And the embroideries too.
 I loved all those blue glass things especially the one at the back.

 Some records from my youth!

Dolls in a line.
 More old reacords.
 And jewelry.
 My favourite table, lovely cloisenne and porcelain and glass. That little purple vase I want and will try to have!
 Greek American friendship.
Then we had coffee with my brother ans sister looking at the rain pouring.
 And the one thing I bought. A crochet scarf or maybe it is a tablecloth but I will wear it as a scarf. I will add a button.It cost me one euro!


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

thankyou for the the lovely photos, I only wish i could have been there to buy something ; )

butterfly said...

Lovely photo's keep sharing love to look at them.
Forgot to say in my last post your father was a good looking man, hugs.

Anonymous said...

so many treasuries!

well the weather heard you
and today is really like spring!

happy april ariadne!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful flea market! So many unique things to look at. I would probably spend hours there. Love the scarf you purchased and what a bargain. Happy Spring Ariadne!