Tuesday 12 March 2013

Frieda was here.

I have so much fun when my friend Frieda from Skiathos is here. We do things together and I have an excuse for hubby that Frieda will just stay for a couple of days and we have to do things and see things. So I am away from home all the time!LOL!Not that I need an excuse for that!
So Frieda came on Wednesday and we had some coffee and caught up. Then on Thursday which was Tsiknopempti we went for a shopping walk at the city centre. I bought some licorice tea and some felt to try my hands on wet felting.
Then we had lunch at a small tavern. It is customary to eat meat on that day and so we did.

Frieda had introduced me to this etsy shop dutchsisters and here our bags met each other.Aren't they lovely? I hold mine every day and it has kept its shape so well.
Then on Saturday we went again for a walk.
We saw some lovely tops decorating Koperti, a friend's school in the neighbourhood.
Then we walked more and we saw a new antique store.We had to pay a visit although it wasn't filled  with merchandise yet.
We loved the ceilings and frescos on the walls.

We did a little bit of shopping too.

Here is what I bought at very good prices.
A big hand embroidered vintage tablecloth. I loved the colours and the patterns on it.
 And this 40-year-old Russian book. It is Alexander Pushkin's Poems and Tales and although I cannot read Russian I love its beautiful illustrations.

Then we went to Vafopouleion Institute where we visited an exhibition of realia from the 1821 war of independence.
We had a guided tour by one of the collectors who were presenting their beautiful items there and we very much enjoyed it.One could see paintings, jewelry, traditional clothes, guns and my favourite various types of embroideries.Like this golden work.Isn't it magical?All this handstitched!
 And I loved the portrait of beautiful Katerina Botsari.
 And the vignette about Lord Byron.
 I adored this piece of embroidery too.
Of course such a great walk had to finish with some tsipouro at our favourite Volos restaurant and a walk at the sea front.
It was fun Frieda, let's do this again.
By the way I have probably told you again that Frieda and other talented ladies on Skiathos island are working hard for their "child" the Green Fox Project. They are collecting and recycling all the plastic bottles and tin cans of the island all by themselves voluntarily. They need a car to do this job and they have started a pledge to gather some money to get one. So if anyone wants to help (every little bit helps) you can go here or on the button of the Green Fox project on my side bar and donate as much as you would like to.


Dream on the wave said...

We will do it again for sure, Ariadne. And our bags look happy together!!

dutch sisters said...

What a great friendship you have! Great to see you both enjoy using your bags!
Groetjes Heleen,
Dutch sisters

Chris said...

Looks like a wonderful visit with your friend. Thanks for taking me along.

Annuk said...

What a great time you had!!! It's great to have friends visiting, and a good "excuse" to go window-shopping and strolling through your own city seeing it with new eyes!
I loved all your purchases, and those little tables selling all kind of vintage goodies are lovely! Was that at an outdoor market?
I also LOVED your bags, girls!!! Really my own tase too -- I need to check out that shop! :)
Oh, and I need to say Frieda's project is GREAT!!! I have always felt so bad about not being able to recycle plastic, glass, tins etc while on Rhodes (I guess same situation on most islands)... so that's really a great and noteworthy project! Well done, Frieda! :)
Enjoy your day!
Love from the Alps :)

butterfly said...

Great photos, what can be better than a day out with a lovely friend, hugs.