Tuesday 5 March 2013

The Cherry Orchard

I had a great full weekend.And it is already Tuesday! Hope yours was good too.
Friday after school I finished all the school work so that I don't feel that I have work to do during the weekend. I always do that and even when I was a student I did it so I felt free the whole weekend.
I had two drama club rehearsals this weekend as usual. I cleaned the whole house of course. Usual chores.
But I did some special things too.
On Saturday morning I had coffee with my girl friends after quite some time. And on Sunday morning I had coffee with my brother and sister-in-law again after a while which was great.

On Saturday night I went to the theatre with hubby after some time too.
We attended The Cherry orchard by Anton Chechov.You can find info here about the performance. We loved it.
The new thing about it was that it was acted inside a very old estate, Villa Kapantzi,which has the same age as the play.
We were only 45 spectators and we attended the play inside the living room as if we were guests. It was amazing. The actors were fantastic, among them our drama teacher from school Marita Tsalkitzoglou.
Of course I could not take pictures but I am showing you the play leaflet.

And on Sunday I started my thalasseaglass page on facebook too.
Go there and like my page if you feel like it!
And I played a lot with Barca, of course!


Sarah in Stitches said...

Hi Ariadne! I finally caught up with your blog - sorry it took so long. I love all your adventures, and your sea glass is beautiful! I'll visit your Etsy store soon - I can't wait to see what you have :D

Annuk said...

It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, filled with plenty of lovely things and lovely people (including Barca, of course!)!
Kisses from the Alps :)

Dream on the wave said...

O, I shall take the opportunity and watch the play too, since I am in the neighbourhood! And I love to finally meet Barca....
many greetings, Frieda