Friday 1 March 2013

The Spring has sprung

Today, March the 1st, is a glorious sunny but cold day.
I cut a small branch from a tree I saw in my neighbourhood that has already bloomed. And I put it in my little bathroom budvase.And it changed my mood at once as its little buds started blooming one by one after a while.Isn't nature magical?

 And I made a makrame Martis, a little bracelet for March. I made it with red and white thread  and a button. It is a custom here to put one on on the 1st of March so the first warm sunny days do not burn your skin!


Dream on the wave said...

Kalo Mina! That is a pretty marti, with the button.
I didn't make one this year....hope the sun isn't going to burn too muchr\.
Many greetings, Frieda

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

it looks like an apple or pear blossom. Do you know what it is?
So nice to have blooms; we have at least another month to go
Have a lovely weekend

Lisa said...

Hi nice bracelet. No buds here yet its still cold.

Annuk said...

Kalo mina, Ariadne! :)
And have a lovely weekend!
Love from the Alps!