Sunday 23 September 2012

What the mail brought

It was a lovely weekend with great weather, a visit to the beach (with very little sea glassing), a wedding, a visit to my Godson and a lot of reading.
For the time being I will show you what the mail recently brought....
Some beautiful prints I bought, made of the collages that Bianca at Goodnight Little Spoon has created. Bianca recently got married with a lovely handmade wedding!Congrats Bianca!
A postcard from France from my new French pen pal Christine.

But earlier in the beginning of summer I also received the cards I bought from Anna in Lila Ruby King. You can find them here.

 The cards depict Greek scenes but her shop includes lots of different very original art pieces, fabric and jewelry!
 Don't you love those sea world Greek stamps on her envelope?
 Finally the stamp from the letter of my pen pal Ruth from Israel who sent me a letter and a bit of sea glass from her country.


butterfly said...

Lovely gifts, friends are wonderful hugs .

Anonymous said...

lucky you!! look at all those beauties! the purple card looks great.. and all those stamps.. wow!!
thank you for the link, it'll come most useful! ;)