Wednesday 12 September 2012

A day at the beach.

So school started yesterday. We had the opening ceremony at school and then the majority of the teachers we went out for lunch. With all the things happening and our deteriorating financial situation I bet this would be the first and last lunch out for this school year.
Today we started classes again. It was fun meeting my old students and my new ones too. We gave out books too.
Unfortunately some bad news reached me yesterday. An old class mate of mine whose son I also happened to have as a pupil many years ago died of cancer. I was sorry to hear it and I feel for her son. I suddenly felt that life is not ours and can end any minute...
So to cheer you a bit up here are some photos from a recent day at the beach.
Hubby and I took part at a music weekend camp of Kroustophono,a group that specializes in drum playing. We offered a shadow puppet performance and they offered us a day at the camp for us.
The camp took place at Olympios Zeus camping at Plaka Litochoro near Katerini. We saw the Olympus on the way.
 We stayed at a small clean bungalow.
 We spent some time at the beach. Nothing compares to my beach at Chalkidiki of course.But that's a loooong wide beach unfortunately with very little sea glass!
 I collected mainly pebbles which I found very interesting and I don't find them at my beach.
 One of them looks like sea glass but I don't think it is.
 Waiting for the shadow puppet performance to start one of the friends there liked my skirt that matched the stage and took a pic.
 The shadow puppets waiting to perform.

 Then we spent some time at the beach singing songs and enjoying the full moon of the end of August.I took this pic and wonder what those spots are.They weren't in the next photos I took.

 That's my loot of pebbles.
 Aren't they lovely? I could make a mosaic out of them!
 All different colours...white..., these are shiny black when wet.... are shiny and transparent like sea glass...
 and various others....
 ...and some sea glass....and plastic(the red one!)...
 That's a green stone, absolutely beautiful...
 And the special piece which I think is a stone too.Found by hubby of course.
 I also found this holy stone which is half transparent too. It is as if it is ready for a cord and a little stone to settle in its holes.

 Spot the stones among the sea glass pieces...

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Lisa said...

Wow beautiful pebbles nice colors. You always find nice things at the beach.