Friday 7 September 2012

August -nature

Something I really love while at the beach house is watching birds, the clouds, the colours of the sky, the movements of the sea, and spotting insects, fish , whatever nature wants to show me.
Here is a butterfly.
 My pet lizard. Well he/she is not mine but is here all the time.
 dew on grass
 there's the lizard again
 a rainbow over the lawn
 ash from a faraway fire
 through the binoculars
 I love Greece
 a tiny crab
 the crab next to a little sea glass piece
 a type of starfish (half eaten by fish)
 Doesn't the starfish look like the pattern on the stone?
 zenias blooming at a side street

 a cocoon of a slug or caterpillar
 And a not so small toy on the beach to spot! Can you spot the paraglider in the distance?


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

butterfly said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos I now feel like I have been on holiday, hugs.

cathystitcher said...

I'm still enjoying your posts, which are emailed to me. I haven't been to the beach AT ALL this summer! I've got withdrawal symptoms! I'm off to Manchester again next week, so still no chance for beach-combing. You'll have to do some extra for me..........Love from Cathy x

cathystitcher said...

I haven't been to the beach AT ALL this summer! You'll have to do some extra beachcombing for me.
I'm enjoying getting your posts via email.
Love, Cathy x