Tuesday 25 September 2012

I always try to find a title

It is so difficult to manage and find a suitable title every time I want to write.
Maybe I will end up without a title on my bloposts like others do.
Anyway let's see....
oh yes I wanted to thank everyone who leaves comments or just reads my blog.
I always want to answer the comments. Many people do not return to read an answer to their comment so it is better to answer them directly. But (there is always a but...) if your google account is not connected to an e-mail when I press a reply button it says no-reply blogger so I cannot answer you. So if you want an answer to your comments add an e-mail to your google profile.
Also as you can see on my bloglist I have added some new blogs. I am reading many more blogs now. They are all so interesting, that's why I have added them.
I have added a giveaway box,too, where I will be adding giveaways that take place on other blogs that I read as sometimes they ask so from the participants in the giveaway.
Having said that I will start with a couple of silly photos. Silly because I just happened to take them and want to share them that's all.
I found these little caterpillars in one of my plants at the balcony and played around with them!
 I put all my stones(the ones I had collected at the end of August) in this nice basket.
 The succulents I had brought from my aunt in Athens are doing really well.
 Now on the 18th was my nameday. I made feta and dill muffins for my school colleagues.
 I got dressed in this lovely old dress of mine and added this pin I bought from a colleague who makes them herself.
 Hubby brought me an icecream cake.
 Mummy brought me roses.
 Here is the pin again and a bracelet I bought from another colleague friend who makes them herself,too. I have very talented colleagues at school.

 These are sausages muffins I made for us on the day. They were excellent!
Tomorrow we are on a strike for all the financial and political problems we have here so I won't go to school but to the demonstration! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

the stones look so pretty.. and the pin is fantastic too!
you're so lucky to have such creative co-workers!
btw, I found those postcards on etsy.. they'll be this xmas cards, no doubt about that! :D

Anonymous said...

γειά σου αριάδνη!
μου άνοιξες την όρεξη! χιχι :)
χρόνια πολλά για την γιορτή σου λοιπόν!
οι πέτρες που μάζεψες είναι καταπληκτικές!!
πολύ όμορφη επίσης και η καρφίτσα!

butterfly said...

Your sausage muffins look wonderful, you must tell me how to make them.
What a lovely pin your co-worker made.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

your muffins make me so hungry; I would like to try making them too.

I love your collection of stones: so pretty.

and yes, the brooch and bracelet are beautiful.

sad about the difficulties in Greece (and other parts)