Thursday 13 September 2012

Some cross stitch finishes and framing.

This year I have been very active cross stitch wise even in summer. I even managed to frame some pieces.
Washing pieces....The Greek island in front.

 Trying to untangle a bundle of lovely DMC threads given to me by my mum's friend. She also gave me some pieces of linen. She cannot stitch anymore.
 This one did not wash well. Some green colour has come off. I washed it again but it does not come off. Should I coffee or tea stain it?
 This is a printed aida piece of Nikos Xilouris. It was given to me by my mum's friend too. I am not sure that I will stitch it though but this is really vintage.
 The Greek island framed. Funny I had the right frame for it but it was housing a little clay bird from Australia which broke so here it now houses this adorable design.
I found it in Cross stitcher Issue 224 and the design is by Michael Powell.
The painting underneath is something I bought from Jill Wignall of Today I saw to help the Japan
Tsunami victims.
I couldn't leave at the beach house although it is sea themed and so summery so have it in my bedroom wall instead.
 This was a little kit sent to me when my son was  a baby. I stitched it and had it framed in the kit plastic oval frame. I never liked it that way so I changed the frame to an Ikea one.


Edgar said...

Lovely finishes and super framing!!!

Margie Oomen said...

that piece is just amazing.

Lisa said...

you do such nice neat stitches.

Anonymous said...

love all these frames.. and the Michael Powell piece.. beautiful!!
loved all your pictures, but somehow couldn't add comments for a while.. I'm a little late, but thank you for sharing them!