Tuesday 4 September 2012

August-cross stitch and books

I decided to blog about August with themed blogposts.
Today one about cross stitch and books.
As I wrote some letters during August I did not stitch much and I have stopped stitching now that I am back to the city in order to clean the house. But I read lots of books.
So in August I finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. It was very good, as good as the DaVinci Code I could say. I hope I will see the movie when it comes here, too. I am glad I had only paid two euros for this book in a second hand bazaar. The book is absolutely new. I so enjoyed it along with my breakfast.

 Then The gift of rain by Tan Twan Eng, a book about the Japanese invasion in Malaysia in second world war. An excellent book I read in Greek and I had bought this only 5 euros from a supermarket. Probably no one bought it as they knew nothing about the author so they reduced the price. I loved it.
 Of course every one knows this book of this magnificent person!
Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl which I read in English. This I had also bought very cheap from an English bookshop.
 Then the two volumes of Memoirs of a Geisha by Athur Golden. I had seen the movie and happened to have the books (given as a free gift froma newspaper) so I read them and loved the story once again. I decided that whenever I meet a very bad person in my life from now on I would call him or her Hatsumomo who was the wicked geisha in this book and I tell you I have met a couple of women in my life who deserve the name!
 Finally a spy novel by Graham Greene, The Human Factor, an excellent one for its type. I hope I will see the movie too.This book I had also got second hand. With a total of ten euros I read five fantastic book.
 As I said I stitched very little just managed to start the pattern Teresa at Willow Tree pond blog sent me!
 And I also added another frame on my wall, that's a pattern I stitched when I was a kid, my first one. I also added a little blue and white Sydenstricker dish my friend Marabeth sent me!


Laura said...

Ariadne I found this post about an artist that works with sea glass and I thought of you. I literally said "oooooohhh!" out loud when I saw it!
By the way the drink with your breakfast looks delicious!

Ariadne said...

Thank you Laura for the sea glass artist's site. I loved his work. I will introduce him to my other sea glass friends.
As for the drink that's frappe, a cold coffee we drink in Greece.