Sunday 9 September 2012

So now we are in September....

If you are wondering what I am up to here is a short account.
Schools started for us teachers on the 3rd and for the students will start on Tuesday.
We go to school to do various chores these days.
I am glad I had finished mine in June so now I just helped the subheadteacher on administration work a bit.
Also me and the other English teacher shared classes in between us. This year I will have 2nd,5th and 6th grades.Two classes for each grade. I had the children last year too so we will continue together except for the 6th graders who will be new to me as they were the students of a colleague that left.  My material is ready for the 5th and 6th grade but for the 2nd graders I will have to make new one and also download whatever the Ministry of Education proposes. I have already started doing that.
I will also be teaching in the all-day school for one hour.
I am eager for the new school year to start. I feel relaxed and hopeful that things will go well. Of course I will be working for less money and probably more hours but I don't want to worry about this now. I want to be positive.
On the family front my son will be in his last year at school and will be sitting for his entrance University exams in May/June so there is a thing of worry there. It will be a hard year for him especially because he is not used to studying 'cause he never liked it.
As far as house chores that's what I have been mainly doing since we returned from the beach house. Arranging, organising,cleaning,recycling,reusing,giving away things.That's really a thing I like to do now.
We need still to go one more time to the beach house to leave things there and bring some here,that will probably take place next week.
Wish me a good new school year!
Wishing all the best to those of you who share the experience as teachers or have children at school!
To a new start!

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