Thursday 26 January 2012

What the mail brought

I love it when I receive lots of mail together. I don't open it at once, I give it time.
I have lunch, relax and spend an hour opening everything, reading it, taking pictures.
Here is the mail of a very special day in the beginning of January just after the holidays (when the post office was closed).
The long round parcel was Andria's sea glass calendar I told you about in Calendars and Diaries post a couple of days ago.
The brown parcel in front is from my dear friend Marabeth whose parcels arrived filled to the rim with beautiful things and I will share in a separate post.
Don't you love that beautiful blue flower Marimekko envelope? Of course it is from Finland and it included a lovely sea glass Christmas card from my dear sea glass friend Tua.

There was a lovely parcel from Sharon whose blog , TaylorsNana, I recently started following. I was a RAK receiver. And if you like me don't know what that means, it means Random Act of Kindness!!!! She was so generous to send me a packet of erasable pens to use on my cross stitch patterns along with some threads and some patterns. I don't get Prairie Schooler here and they are fantastic, as well as a whole kit of Shakespeare's Pendler. It is lovely!
On the same day I received two handmade bags from GreenBagLady whose giveaway I won through Sewmamasew. They are bags to use while shopping instead of paper and plastic ones.These will be great for the beach house shopping!
Then there was a long letter and Christmas card from my pen pal Annette in Australia,
and the Spoonful zine I get four times a year from Australia too. This time I was fast to order it and got this collibri print by Kareena Zerefos as a gift.Bytheway Anthea of the Spoonful team recently got married so here's a chance to wish her all the best!

Then a couple of days later I received  this little pin cushion I had ordered from Sonia of Cozymemories.
I also received another giveaway ( I have really been lucky with giveaways recently) that I won from Arounna at Bookhou. I was afraid this would arrive broken but Arounna did her best to seal it perfectly!It is  abeautiful mug for my morning drink but I would say I could also use it as a little vase!
Finally a set of crocheted snowflakes I had ordered from Elina in Eljuks on etsy of course. I love crocheted snowflakes. I think it is the main reason why I want to learn to crochet.
Well I had great mailing days during the last month but I too sent lots of letters, cards and parcels around the world. My only disappointment is that I have realised that two of my parcels one to New York to my Christmas ornament giveaway winner and one to California to Edgar did not arrive to their recipients. The strange thing is that both these parcels contained cross stitched Christmas ornaments so I am afraid someone really liked my cross stitch and kept them!


arounna said...

so glad it arrived safely
I wish my mail days are like yours


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Do you think it was someone in Thesonaliki's post office that likes the cross stitch or the USA? hehe Do not worry, the ornaments might still arrive. In the meantime enjoy all your goodies from all your wonderful friends!

Sharon said...

What wonderful goodies!! Thanks for sharing - seeing them all brought a big smile to my face! :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello Ariadne !
sorry for stopping by so late, but I wanted to wish you a (little belated) birthday here on the blog !
isn't it so nice when we receive in the mail both things we have ordered & things that are gifted to us ? It feels like such a treat !
I hope your week has started on a great note !