Thursday 5 January 2012

A second hand shop at last.

While spending time with my Godson last week which I haven't blogged about yet but hopefully will soon I found by chance a second hand shop in the city centre!
I was amazed because antique shops do exist in the city centre and they are quite expensive but no second hand shops! So this discovery was a revelation!
So yesterday evening I took along hubby and went to the huge basement. It was cold but clean and heavily packed with furniture, books, glass, embroidery, toys, etc etc
I realised though that it is not very cheap as thrift stores are usually abroad.
The owner a Greek lady from France brought the idea from there a year ago! And I only found it now!
Anyway better late than never!
I tried to behave myself and not buy everything I liked leaving some things for future visits hoping that there will also be other things I might like.
Here is what I bought and spent only 10 euros.A book hubby bought about shadow puppet theatre is missing.
The good thing was that the lady has a whole bunch of free things to take as well and also she gave me the little shamrock vase for free as it was a bit broken on the lip.
I took the ribbon for free which costs about 2 euros in shops.
The teddy bear cushion is for my summer house.
The book about MichaelAngelo by Romain Rolland is in german from the 50s.
 The green cloth was also free of charge. I am going to make it into a summerwear.
And that's the Donegal Irish Parian China vase.
 This little book is very dirty but being published in 1914 was a must.Look how it is inside. Lovely!

 And a set of vintage Greek coasters quite a souvenir.
 I loved the pictures in this little book.


Angry Blue-green Bee said...

I can imagine why you wanted to buy everything! That ribbon is very pretty! And the book is so romantic with its stains and yellowing...

Seamaiden said...

Wonderful treasures - the book is lovely, and I really like the Irish vase. :)