Friday 6 January 2012

Maija in Greece!

Yesterday we had lovely sunny day and we arranged with some friends to have coffee together!
Before leaving home I had to go to the post office to receive a parcel!
It was from Susan Seamaiden a friend from the States who sent me a Globetrotting little troll, Maija who is travelling around the world having fun via our sea glass site SeaGlassLovers!
Here are a couple of photos with Maija along.
 Isn't she so sweet?

 I had to dress her up as she was cold but she looked like Mother Teresa so we didn't keep this outfit on!
 She took pictures from the harbour towards the city sea front!
 And with the beautiful sunny sky as a background!
 Towards the cafe!
 Towards the city!
 Kitchen Bar, the cafe-restaurant.
 Lovely chocolate and biscuits.

 Maija brought gifts!Thanks Susan!


Dream on the wave said...

Ha ha I love Maija. We used to have trolls like that as toys when I was little, I remember them well and didn't realize they were still around, travelling the globe!

Seamaiden said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm thrilled she made it safely and is having a lot of fun. Did you notice the little brown bottle top says Chlorox?! I thought you'd like it to match the bottom from DHB. :)
Oh, and the black marble is very very old!