Sunday 8 January 2012

Gifts for Christmas....(1)

I got lots of lovely gifts this Christmas. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and love.
I will start showing them as I am taking photos.
From dear Frieda, my seaglass friend from Skiathos island.
Frieda upcycled old Christmas cards in an excellent way with crochet and wooden beads.
 I loved the beautiful sea glass pieces....
... especially the one with the bubbles....

 But I also loved all her handmade gifts like this little fridge magnet made from a beer bottle cap.
 And these fantastic crocheted Christmas wreaths.
Thank you Frieda, and thank you for reading and commenting on my blog,too. Hope we will meet again soon!

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Dream on the wave said...

I am glad you liked it and for sure we will meet up soon. I plan to visit my boys sometime in February, I miss them terribly,they left last night, and I am having a cleaning spree to keep myself busy and not get too depressed.
I am also so happy you read and comment on my blog.
Many greetings, Frieda