Friday 28 October 2011

NO-28th October (1940) 2011

Greece is celebrating today the big NO the Greeks said to the Italians in 1940...
today all over Greece another big NO was said to the politicians of Greece.The big NO of the simple every day people who are suffering of the various false policies followed for years in this country.
The big parade in Thessaloniki where the President of Greece was to attend was cancelled. People shouted for freedom, equality and justice. The President left and the rest of the parade took place with only the simple people attending it.We unfortunately overslept and were not there but watched everything on TV. At first the governement and the politicians were upset because the big parade of Thessaloniki was stopped like that . Then one by one all the cities and even small villages in Greece started reporting that all over Greece the parades were stopped, the politicians who were attending them were thrown out of the parade and people paraded and celebrated without them.
Here is our flag waving from our balcony and of which we are all so proud.

Here is what happened today given with figures of the shadow puppet theatre.
Karaghiozis the Greek,Prime Minister G. Papandreou,Minister of Education A. Diamantopoulou,Kopritis son of Karaghiozis,Alexander the Great,Minister of Finance E. Venizelos.


Denise said...

I love the idea of a 'NO' holiday.
So glad Greece said 'no' to the
Italians. I enjoy reading WWII history.
Wishing you and your country many blessings...

Marabeth said...

So much turmoil and financial trouble the world over. May there be soon be better days on the horizon :)

Marabeth said...

Are these the puppets that Themis made. They are quite a work of art!!