Friday 28 October 2011

A beautiful day.....

.....inspite the "haircut" and all the financial problems of Greece we managed to spend a beautiful day by the sea.
Here it is a long weekend (in fact schools are closed for three days) because of the celebrations for the "No" the Greeks said to the Italians in World War II. I wish we could say a big "NO" to the Germans and other Europeans now but the whole thing that we are suffering now has been the result of very bad government policy for years. I hope things will get better. But as they say we will be in poverty for the next ten years!!!!
I don't know how long I will manage to keep my summer house. I bought it with a loan which I have to pay back every month for 25 years and I am only in the sixth. I give half of my salary for it every month. I hope things won't get worse and I will still be able to pay the monthly instalments. more summer house, no more beautiful sea, no more sea glass!
Our first impression of visiting the place was bad though because we found out that both our old bikes were stolen. The one was more than 25 years old and I was planning to turn it into a work of art,paint it and put some flowers in a basket on it. Well,so far for ideas....
Anyway the walk by the beach and the sea glassing did us good.
Here are photos for you to enjoy.
My neighbour's hibiscus still blooming!
 My garden filled with blooming chrysanthemums.

 My neighbour's too.
 What colour!
 What smell!
 My flox started blooming again!
 I don't know the name of this plant but love its grey snowy surface.
 My neighbour's. First time I see a white boughaenvilea.
 My yellow chrysanthemums.
 In the same plant yellow and pink flowers,how can that happen?
 The sea looked lovely!
 I collected some pomegranates and some acorns!
 Then went sea glassing and was welcomed by this little stone heart!
 And leaves covered in sand!

 I could swim,the water looked so delicious!
 Not much sea glass was found,but some was good!

 And some Russian or Bulgarian coins.

 Last but not least my favourite!
And some lovely pottery!

Enjoy the sound and view!


devonseaglass said...

Lovely, and have you thought about exporting pomegranates? Sorry about your bike though. I have 5 in the garage...

Ariadne said...

The pomegranates are from my neighbour's tree!AriadnefromGreece!

Komyo said...

I'm sorry about your bikes! :(
And I really hope you'll be able to keep your summerhouse...
That blu and green on white pottery is very beautiful!

Marabeth said...

You found some really nice pieces of sea glass on your trip to the beach especially the yellow and the pottery piece. But I'm so sorry to hear about your bikes. It's a terrible feeling to know someone has violated your property!!
The plant with the silvery fuzzy leaves is called dusty miller. Yours looks very healthy. I don't have much luck with it because it tends to get some sort of disease.

Marabeth said...

PS...the video sounds like the one I listening to at night.....soothing ocean and wave sounds..........

Seamaiden said...

Oh, what a shame about your bikes, Ariadne. I hope you'll be able to keep your summer home. Your posts and photos are always so beautiful and inspiring. Love you...