Saturday 29 March 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese(13)-the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation.

After visiting the National Gallery we returned to the old city centre.

We found and visited the Catholic church, talked to its pastor and visited the crypt.

 I think that's a Raphael painting.

We walked farther.

Past the Komboloi (Worry Beads) museum.
 Spotting lovely shop windows.
 We were ready to adopt a cat!
  We made a short break for coffee at one of the many Constitution Square cafes.

 Then walked on.

 We bought some souvenirs.

 And visited the Cathedral.
There is a Da Vinci painting copy in this church.

 I spotted lots of lovely little shops. I especially liked this one with vintage embroidery threads and fabrics.

 And then we went to the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, a museum that tries to save the folklore culture of the area.

 There were so many amazing things to see.

  I loved seeing those very old sweet jars as I also have a couple.

 And the museum shop was also impressive.
 And I even found a felted stone there.

I bought this for hubby.One more thing to add to his shadow puppetry collection.

 We walked even more after that spotting some more lovely shops.

And then we walked towards the harbour.


Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful pictures! This was really an amazing trip you guys had! :D

zina said...

μας ταξιδεψες παλι Αριαδνη!!! καλη σου μερα

eleanna said...

So beautiful places & new things! Oh... I 'm so jealous!