Monday, 17 March 2014

Catwalk and craftwalk

Ok I am playing with the words here as I am trying to combine two different things in one blogpost.
So first a February Saturday morning walk at the streets of the city centre of Thessaloniki to find craft material and packaging material with the egst team girls. Thank you ladies for showing me all the best places to shop for my hobbies.
Some of the shops we visited were
Noulikas at Ionos Dragoumi 23 for yarn,
Handroelxi at Solomou 19  for beads,
Stoa Bezesteni for lace,
Yaltzoglou at Syggrou 28  for packaging material.

 The walk ended at the one sweet day chocolat cafe for great chocolate drinks.
And here's what I bought.
Red and fuchsia cotton yarn for crochet, black and white lace flowers,
green and brown packaging boxes, purple, fuchsia and turquoise organza bags and silk ribbons, fuchsia and turquoise beads, fabric strawberries, real colourful tiny starfish, wrapping wire and sea themed beads. Hopefully all these will be used at some point.
Now where do cats come in? Well....
we went to attend "Cats", the famous musical at the Music Hall of our city. I had booked the tickets back in October, imagine that, and we went in February.
It was a great musical, although I still believe that the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables are my favourite by far!
I loved the dancing and the songs especially my favourite Memory but the story I didn't find that interesting!
 Photography was allowed only in the beginning before the performance and in the intermission when I walked on the stage and got an autograph from Old Deuteronomy on my programme book.

I remain a loyal dog person!!!!!


Mii Stitch said...

What a fantastic shopping trip!! Look at all these great goodies...Pure bliss!!! Glad you had fun at the Musichall too xxx

Zina Z said...

i love your city Ariadne! great pictures! and more great moments and crafts to come!

butterfly said...

What wonderful shops , I think I am coming over for a visit ha,

Poppy said...

You live in such a wonderful city, with echoes of the East and decibels of the west, always worthy of exploration and adventure!


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Those ribbons of lace really caught my eye. Of course, I'm sure you already know I love cats and "Cats"!

Camila Faria said...

Amazing shops! I wish I could visit them (and maybe go for a hot chocolate later). :)

Valma said...

I want to go there and make some shopping too !!! =D
Fantastic place :)