Wednesday 19 March 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese(10)- New Year's Day on the coast!

So we had left the New Year's Day to be a walk by the lovely beaches on the coast line near Nafplio as everything else(museums mainly) would be closed.
But when we woke up we were met with disappointment!
It was simply raining!
I didn't want this to put me off. I really wanted to see the coastline and collect sea glass if possible.
So we started after breakfast.
First we walked all around the Arvanitia pathway, which is a coastal path all around Acronafplia.

 I was impressed by the amount of prickly pears all around us. I just wish I could take some and eat them but we didn't have any gloves with us.

Near the end of the walk the rain had stopped. And we saw the deserted Filoxenia hotel and some people swimming but I tell you it was cold.

 Unfortunately no sea glass was found at the pebble beach but I had to take some pebbles.

 Spot the winter swimmers there?

At the end of the walk we reached this part of the old town of Nafplio that brought us to a park.

 And finally to our car. First we went to Tolo, a famous touristic summer resort in the area.

 There I found a bit of sea glass but I am sure this piece is simply one of those plant decorations otherwise it is too good to be real sea glass.

 My felted stone definitely had to be photographed there too.

 Then we went to Ancient Asini.

 And there I found this tiny yellow treasure!But not much more but of course it was beautiful and there are antiquities there.

 Then we reached Vivari. Which has a little lagoon.

 And finally Kandia. With its lovely dark sand beach.
 And then it started raining again.

 I only collected a bit of this lovely colourful dark pebble-sand.
 And a bit of sea glass.

 But the rain came heavier so we had to leave.

 We ended up eating out of course.

 And returned to the hotel with its lovely vintage sitting room sets that reminded me of my childhood toys.


Sarah in Stitches said...

So lovely! I've only ever seen prickly pears in Yemen, where they grow everywhere. It's so interesting to see them in your pictures too! :D

Decor Asylum said...

Ο δρόμος της Αρβανιτιάς είναι πολύ όμορφος για περίπατο! Και η παραλία της Κάντιας η αγαπημένη μας το καλοκαίρι-αρκεί να πάει κανείς πριν το μεσημέρι καθώς από τις 1:0μμ. 2:00μμ σηκώνει κύμα και θολώνει τα νερά. Την καλησπέρα μου

Poppy said...

Gorgeous photos of your adventures, Ariadne! The pics of the prickly pears, rosy red fruit and olive green leaves above the sea is beautiful!


zina said...

beautiful pictures Ariadne. I have been so many times in Nafplio and never done the coast walk...I have to do it next time!

and I think that Nafplio is one of the cities that even with raid is so beautiful and romantic!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos as usual!

Valma said...

ho my ! even under a grey sky and with rain it seems a wonderful place to go !
so beautiful...
I love that picture you made of the beach umbrellas & the circles on the sand ! :)
that's good you could find some little treasures....
have a great weekend

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm so sorry for you it rained. But I enjoyed the day in pictures sinec I didn't get a drop on me!