Wednesday 15 January 2014

Online purchases and promoting friends' work.

Although I love online purchases this time for  my Christmas gifts I tried to be strictly in the budget because of the trip to the Peloponnese. Also I tried to make things myself mostly or to buy handmade from local crafters-friends.
So here are my November-December online purchases.
Vintage USSR pins from theMomsattic.
A hair felt ornament, a Christmas angel embroidery and some more stuff from Laura Lupin's of Bugs and Fishes clearance at her shop.
New moo cards for my shop.
Although I wasn't happy with the first bunch of cards they sent me after I made a complaint they made a new much better enhanced bunch so I am still happy with moo.
I definitely had to have something from my dear Paula of otchipotchi. So I got some air dried lavender and a great candle holder from her shop.

Finally not online but I have to show you this year's wall calendar which is from the dog kennel we adopted our Barca from. I bought Barca a scarf too and found some second hand cd and necklace to use the beads for my jewelry.


Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful purchases, Ariadne! :D

Valma said...

wow, I really love what you bought from Paula's shop
very beautiful (even if I would have chosen another scent as lavender and me are not friends =D)
great cards too, such a great idea !!